dissabte, 17 de març de 2012

Abu Dhabi-Oryx Hotel

First time, thanks to a specially low price offer. Near to conrniche and easy to find. Main features:
-Rooms:Big (maybe too) size, with a too small desk. One plug underneath. Cafe chair. Lamp doesn't work. As usual, two armchairs and a low table. Who the hell have some meeting in hotel room?Bad acoustic insulation at windows, and traffic comes easily into your bed...
-Internet connection:payable at rooms through cable.(80 AED/24h). Fairly good speed, ususal system, though with achange. No credit card autorization . But of course, you've got to go to front desk before connection. Nobody trust on guests when they surf!.. At common areas there's wifi payable as well.
-In room facilities:. Miniar with some and expensive beer. . No iron and table. Safety box and laundry. No plugs at both sides of bed. No openables windows, and conditioning is almost freezing.
-Bath: Shower and bath. Washing line.
-Front desk: Attentive, but weird: there's a table, not a counter. It looks your're asking for a mortage, not a room. The girl who deal me was a little rude. Valet parking is convenient enought, although they are parking your car at the street at the behind hotel alley.
-Others:Bar taken out directly from 70's and limited restaurant. Not expensive.

dimecres, 14 de març de 2012

Dubai-Holiday Inn Express Safa

I've been twice at this hotel. Main features:
-Rooms: Medium-small size, with a wide enought desk. Two UK plugs at working plane. One of them with an adapter. Confortable but coarse chair. Lamp which glares a little. Little room for papers or binders
-Internet connection:payable at rooms through cable.(85 AED/24h). Fairly good speed, but weird system. If you, after login, close accidentally your browser, systems blocks up, and you have to go to front desk to avoid paying again before expiring your term. You've got to log out to not lose your payment. At common areas there's wifi payable as well, but you can roam your cable connection, but i've never tried it.
-In room facilities: Not even water is free there. There's a good fridge..completely empty. At front desk a tiny market offers you some beverages and snacks. The mandatory coffeemaker is ridiculous useless without any bottle of water. No iron and table. Safety box and laundry. Plugs at both sides of bed. 2 types of pillow. No openables windows, but well controlled air conditioning.
-Bath: almost amenities must be requested. Wasing line, but there's room for one piece.
-Front desk: Attentive. However, last time they gave me an smoker room without prior question. As usual at this rate, check out could take more than expected because of room checking from staff. Credit card authorizations are usual as well. Average with no further complains.
-Others:confortable beer and some food bar. Cheap and average buffet restaurant. 24h/7 gym. 5min walking from the Business Bay Metro Station. Quiet area. Rush hours in lobby can be stressful because of many tourists at this hotel.


Welcome everybody, specially who must spend most of working time on a flying desk, I mean, struggling along the professional duties while boarding after never-ending transfers, staying at outskirts hotels or into noisy Starbucks all over the world. From my modest opinion, I'd like to help other restless work travellers to avoid some of my mistakes getting around the non-stop spinning world.
So, my aim isto gather all my last experiences about hotels, transportation, facilities, etc from the professional point of view, trying to cover some gaps that travel websites and, above all, travel agencies don't fill in. I'd appreciate all contribution, opinion and of course amends. Let's start it up!